Halloween FHE

Ok so last night we went over to the Jensens’ house for Family Home Evening. It was soo much fun. They had a crazy hair contest but by the time I got all the girls done it was time to leave for the party. Since my afternoon timing was thrown off by the fact that Havana tripped over a Little People toy and hit her head on the wall. That was a 30 minute set back time wise. There was a pumpkin carving contest and everybody brought some food. I made cupcakes–so much fun, I might even enjoy those more than cakes. Eyeballs and pumpkins the kids loved them. The girls and I were able to convince James to Sumo wrestle with me. Those sumo suits are SOOOO much fun. We should get some to have around here. Caitlyn went with a friend of her’s to a party on Saturday night and loved that she got to wear fake blue eyelashes. From 7 to 20 in two minutes. Ugh I am not looking forward to the teenage drama.

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