Tri-Ward Halloween Party

Tonight we had our Tri-ward Halloween party.  Before we went there the girls had a party at the Little Gym. The girls got there just in time for the costume contest. Caitlyn and Aimee didn’t really want to walk in front of everyone. While the girls were eating the party food,pizza, David took free reign of the gym. He was having so much fun.  Then we went to the party at the Church.  We went by and picked my niece ,Sage, since my sister was trying to finish a paper. There were tons of carnival games for the kids to play. There was a trunk or treat after the games with a contest for the best decorated trunk. So we pulled a seat out of Tiny and decked him out. We even figured out a way to have a black turn the fake cobwebs color but unfortunately we didn’t have a way to turn off the interior lights since the back doors were open. Good times–the kids can’t wait to do it all again on Halloween.

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