Daddy’s back in town

Well James got back into town on Saturday afternoon so we headed out as a family for the evening. We ate dinner and then headed over to Mountasia for some mini-golf. David lasted in the stroller for a couple holes until he realized that his sisters were all hitting balls with a stick. He was very jealous. I went back to the clerk and got him an extra ball to play with for the next 15 holes. He loved mini golf. If his sisters were lucky they could get their ball in the hole before David ran away with it. The girls had soo much fun playing. Havana was the luckiest one by far that night since she managed to get 3 holes in one.
Our new favorite park is Angel Park. That is where all the pictures of the giant spider web thing were taken. The shot of the kids all on the steps is a funny one. After they all took a cute one I said ok let’s do a crazy one now. Well Lainey was holding David and let go to make her crazy face. Well it took about 2 seconds for David to face plant on the ground. Good thing it is relatively soft.

It is getting more and more fun taking the family to places as the kids get older. We love watching their personalities develop and can’t help but wonder who they will become one day. Hopefully James and I can get it right!!

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