September Was a Busy Month

Alright well things have been really busy the last two weeks. James was in Holland when David decided he wanted to walk which was the last time I posted anything. Since then we have kept running at a constant pace. My brother Robert who lives about 15 minutes from just found out that he and his family are getting transferred to Lake Jackson so my kids are bummed that their cousins are moving away. Anyway to help appease them I had his kids over Friday night for a sleepover. The girls are in gymnastics classes at the Little Gym, which was having an open house that night. So I loaded all the kids up in Tiny(our 12 passenger van) and headed over for a night of gymnastics and pizza. The kids had the best time.
James has an uncle that lives in north of Conroe which is north of Houston. He lives right on the lake so I took the kids up there to visit two Saturdays ago. Their Uncle Andrew and Aunt Leigh went with us. We took the kids out in Uncle Russ’s kayaks. Caitlyn and Aimee were able to try paddling and were getting the hang of it. Lainey and Havana just loved going along for the ride. Too bad David missed it all by napping inside.

Havana had her 3rd birthday last Friday. And in true form it ended up lasting 3 days by the time it was all said and done. Friday morning she opened her presents before her sisters left for school. Aimee of course wanted to stay home to play with them and I quickly pointed out the benefit of a summer birthday that she always complains about. Friday afternoon Havana got to go to Build a Bear with Mamasita (her grandmother) and to dinner. The rest of us met up with them at Angel Park. It is a way cool park that is designed for children for disabilities. Saturday we went out to Dewberry Farm for some fall fun even though fall here is about 85 degrees. OK so to fill you in on why she looks beaten in the pictures–we had only been there for bout a minute and a half when she fell flat on her face on the concrete. IMG_2887.JPGNeedless to say we learned that Dewberry Farm has really cool ice packs. The day went on with lots of fun and some sunburns.

Today we had my family over for cupcakes and ice cream to continue Havana’s 3 day birthday celebration. She wanted monster cupcakes so I was more than happy to oblige. Caitlyn and Aimee helped me by decorating them for her. They really love to bake with me. Maybe I will get a bakery one day–free labor.

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