South Carolina

Today Lainey, David and I came home from South Carolina. I took them with me to go visit our friends the Hickerson’s that had beautiful twins 3 months ago. Plus I can’t lie I wanted to go to the beach. We had the best time. We were able to spend time in Charleston before we went up to Surfside. I could definitely get used to laying on the beach while my kids played around me. Victoria and Vaughn were really cute and I was so excited that holding them didn’t give me the Ohh I want one feeling. Lainey LOVED being the biggest kid and helping out with the twins. She got to hold and feed them. She even sang Victoria to sleep once when she was screaming. David is as boy as they come since I think he ate about a pound of sand each day at the beach.David in the sand He is soooo close to walking maybe tomorrow. I had lots of fun with Meredith and just getting away from the fast rush of back to school week here.

One thought on “South Carolina

  1. Oh NOW I see what you meant about your blog!! I love it!!! So now you have a link on mine. 🙂 And I so loved the video of Havana’s Hula. You’ve got to post more videos; that were great. I miss you guys!


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