Day Trip to Old Town Spring

On Saturday, we left home and headed for Old Town Spring. It is two streets of old houses that have been turned into shops, restaurants and art galleries. We have some friends who have a clock store there (Moore Time) that you have to stop in if you are there, especially if you have little kids. They have lots of really cool clocks and other things that the kids really enjoyed. Watch their hands though as it would not be a great idea to let them run free (applies to most of the shops in the area). We went to The Amish Barn located next door and they had some cool things. If you go in the back, then they have a table set up where you can taste all the jams, jellies, preserves, cheese balls, etc that they sell in the store. (delicious, especially the Texas Traffic Jam). We stopped for milkshakes (made with Blue Bell ice cream of course) at The Caboose BBQ (actually in a train caboose on a small section of railroad tracks). The girls really liked the caboose. We walked along, stopping in a few places including a really cool toy store (where the kids are allowed to touch and play with everything). We also stopped in a store that carried Asian goods and Ruth was excited to see some of the furniture she has wanted to buy on past trips to Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo (and may return someday when it’s in the budget). Brushing teethI went back for the car while the girls headed for the Doll Hospital which sounded really cool, but you’d have to ask them. After that we headed to the Children’s Museum in the Woodlands, where we have been before and the girls had a great time. We had dinner back in Kingwood at Skeeters and then came home having had a lot of fun and being thoroughly worn out. We had all fallen asleep by 8:30 or 9 that evening.

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