One month so many things

Howdy everyone
Well June is just about over and I am so glad. We had a very busy and fun month. Usually I don’t do these emails this often but we had a lot of good times this month. At the beginning of the month James’s sister Kristina came to visit us and she brought their cousins’ daughter to play with the girls. Presley is 4 and a half so she plays really well with the girls. Caitlyn LOVES swim team and had so much fun going to practice and swimming in all her meets. Aimee loved it too until she broke her arm and wasn’t able to swim anymore. but luckily her arm is back to normal and she is up to all her tricks on the playground and trampoline. James had a last minute business trip to Holland come up so I decided to join him. Thank goodness for frequent flyer miles. David and I went out sight seeing while James was in meetings and then he was able to join us. Mamasita was nice enough to keep all the girls for 5 days while we were gone. got stuck David learned how to abandon the army crawl and is now officially crawling. Though this means more watchful eyes are needed it is really cute. He had even figured out how to pull himself up to stand along things. Last night he saw an old KIX under the table and wanted to eat it so he tried to crawl through the chair and got stuck.
Last week we drove out to Utah so that I could ride in the Logan MS 150. While we were out there we spent some time in Provo with our friends that we had during Law School and some that moved out there from Texas. birthdayWe were also able to visit with family that lives out there too. Lainey had her 4th birthday while we were out there so we spent the day at Seven Peaks with friends and family.
After that we headed to Logan and I rode in the MS 150. If anyone ever wants to do something like that it was a beautiful ride and very enjoyable (minus the tender rear end). Ruth (cyclist extraordinaire)We hope that this email finds all of you doing well and enjoying your summer as much as we are so far. Take a minute to look at the pictures using the link below if you can–there are 6 new galleries full of pics. The first 4 are featured and the other two are there as well. Hopefully July will slow down for us so that the summer doesn’t fly by too fast.

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