Moleskine + Tracks + Outlook -> GTD

In my attempt to stop relying on my Crackberry for things besides email, I have set things up for a more low tech solution. I have a pocket-sized moleskine that I use mainly as a collection device (ala GTD). I use Tracks to keep up with my next actions (to do list) and my projects. I use Outlook to keep my calendar since it already has my work calendar (by necessity), and I add everything else as private appointments. I wanted to be able to print out a one page (front and back calendar and to-do list to put in my Moleskine to carry with me). Here is how I did it.
1. Print out my outlook calendar (next 4 months) using the Month view to a PDF (using pdf995). This gives me a pdf with 4 pages which I then print from Acrobat to a new PDF using pdf995) printing 4 pages on 1 page.

2. Print out my next actions using the text feed of all actions from Tracks to a PDF (using pdf995). This gives me a one page pdf (some shrinking may be needed if you have lots of next actions, but I currently just have it set to shrink to fit the width (an option when printing from Firefox).

3. Use pdfedit995 (made by same people as pdf995) to combine pdfs and I combine the one page calendar pdf (with 4 months) and the one page next action pdf from Tracks, so I now have a 2 page pdf with all my pertinent information.

4. I print to the work printer that supports duplex printing and voila two pages printed on one piece of paper front and back to give me a one piece of paper view of my entire world!

I finally got it working today so we’ll see how long I stick with it and how often I reprint everything.

Thanks to Minezamac for getting me started.

2 thoughts on “Moleskine + Tracks + Outlook -> GTD

  1. Well, the low tech way worked for awhile, but it became a burden to print everything out all the time. I carry my crackberry with me and I have set up a few additional things to make it easier. I have still use Tracks and Outlook. I set up an email address that automatically adds items sent there to my Inbox context in Tracks, and I can view the text feed of my actions or use Tracks (slowly) from my crackberry. I am back to a non low-tech way, and hopefully I can stick with this for awhile.


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