William Carruth – 1850

William Carruth is listed in this book, and here is his picture.

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah—1848
Fourteenth Ten

William Carruth
Son of William Carruth, who came to
Utah Sept. 23, 1848, Brigham Young
Company, and Margaret Ellwood. Born April
29, 1850, Murray, Utah. High Councilor.
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3 thoughts on “William Carruth – 1850

  1. William Carruth is my great-grandfather through his son William Henry Carruth, and his son (my father) Blaine William Carruth. I found your website on webroots.com and am just interested in how you are related to my great-grandfather. If you would be so kind as to reply, I would really appreciate it.
    Janet Nelson


  2. My Great Grandfather is Blaine William Carruth. Janet (Carruth) Nelson is my great-aunt on my mother’s side of the family.
    This is so cool learning about my family. This all started when one day in Young Womens we were making Pedigree Charts and I wanted to search deeper in my family history.
    Alyssa Edwards


  3. My Wife’s Grandmother was the daughter of Sarah Carruth and William Armstrong.Sarah Carruth was the daughter of John Carruth and Ann Henning.
    I’m looking for a connection of William Henry Carruth is he the same William Carruth
    born 27 Sep 1845, to John Carruth and Ann Henning?
    My associate at work’s Great Grandfather is William Henry Carruth.
    thanks for your help. Dave Jorgensen


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